Transnational cooperation

The transnational exchange of ideas and experiences has proved to be very fruitful in the Remodem project. The context of care and support of frail older people differs between the partners: however there are more similarities than differences and many of the challenges are similar with a demographically ageing population, long distances to bridge, and limited resources both financially and in human resources. All partners have the division of responsibilities between the health care providers and the social care providers, at the same time as it is well known that good quality support of frail older people requires multi professional collaboration and collaboration between different care providers.

Examples of transnational exchange of ideas that the project is based on are the concepts of a dementia friendly society which originates from the Netherlands and Scotland, concepts of remote support and diagnosis developed in the Shetland Isles, and a concept for multi-disciplinary collaboration and early identification of people with dementia originating from Sweden. Based on our experiences, the transnational approach will help us to meet the goals in a better and more innovative way compared to a situation where each partner would work on their own. The project will in its implementation further enhance the transnational learning process through a separate work package that will implement strategies specifically to support transnational learning.

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