Project’s approach

The new and innovative part of this project is that we are addressing the challenge of supporting frail older people with a package of services that are built on a review of research based evidence, experience from other relevant development projects, and the practical experience from the Remodem project. These experiences are specially tailored to meet the needs of frail older people, including people with dementia, living in remote areas of northern Europe. Innovation is also shown in that we have been able to develop the service package in a transnational process whereby good ideas from one partner have inspired partners in other countries to to discover the possibility of including similar services adjusted to their context.

Many previous development projects aimed at supporting frail older people in their homes have focused on limited aspects of the support, such as only the support of family carers or the training of professionals. The RemoAge project offers a package of services targeting a broad spectrum of modules of support, the support of the individual frail older people in their daily lives, the family, the professionals, and people in the local community. The services included in the package are selected based on a review of best practice and involve potential efficiencies in management of limited resources through concepts of using technology-driven solutions where appropriate. 

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