Why do we need to change the way we work and how can we do it in practice?

Public Sector is facing significant challenges, especially when it comes to health and care services. Join RemoAge for the projects final conference in exploring innovative health and care services for an informative and educational event in Luleå January 16 next year.

We face major challenges in the public sector, and in particular, this concerns health and care services. But challenges also provide opportunities. Keynote speaker Une Tangen, Senior Advisor - Innovation, research and digitalization, The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, will provide examples from Norwegian municipalities and show that it is possible to solve a number of tasks in new ways. There is a gradual change in which the recipient's own resources are put in the center. Assistance for self-help, everyday mastering, a shift in the mindset from treatment to prevention and from late to early efforts means that scarce resources can be more targeted to those who need it most.

Digitalization and use of welfare technology also contribute to increased coping, security and control over their own health, as well as preventing stress injuries to employees. In the future, the use of digital solutions and welfare technology will provide good services to many more residents.

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