Two new services are tested in the Shetland Islands

One uses Ipads to enable older people living on islands with low access to public transport, which make it difficult to participate in social activities taking place in the central city. By connecting with the support of a relative or caregiver, the person can talk to friends, relatives or other people, as well as participate from a distances in different social activities.

When the RemoAge team visited the Nordalea Care Centre on the northernmost island of Unst, the team got the chance to talk to elderly residents who visited the daytime accommodation to participate in various social activities. The group we talked to had recently tested video calls to talk to a similar daytime activity in the outer Hebrides, something that was highly appreciated.

The second service was in the starting pit of testing a digital platform for elderly, their relatives and healthcare staff ( The service has previously been tested in other parts of the UK with promising results.

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