Testing of virtual Coordinated Individual Care Plan - Northern Sweden

Virtual Coordinated Individual Care Plan have been tested in the municipality of Gällivare, Northern Sweden. The aim is to reduce travel times for health care workers, allowing patients to remain in their own homes and provide opportunity for more stakeholders to participate.

Four virtual Coordinated Individual Care Plans have been conducted by staff from the municipality with elderly care managers, home care nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. From the health center has two doctors participated. On some occasions have also relatives participated.

The technique used is the webcam on the desktop computer, e-reader and external speakers, as well as the web-based video communication system, Polycom.

To perform the test, procedures for convening the virtual Coordinated Individual Care Plan have jointly been developed by the municipality and the health center. Technology has been installed and staff got an introduction of how to use the technology, quick reference guides and information about new routines.

– Based on the collected experiences of users and personnel we have so far only positive reactions. We have learned that there can be a lot of technology problems and needs of the break-in period before the pilot is running, says Anna-Lena Svalkvist, project manager at the municipality of Gällivare.

The patients have positive experiences of seeing the doctor on screen. It felt easier to communicate and express their wishes and needs compared with when the doctor previously participated via a speakerphone.

The staff have also experienced the virtual meetings positive. It is simple to get conneced, with good picture and sound, and they do not need to move between different locations to participate.

– We reduce driving time and fuel costs. More stakeholders can participate when the time to travel is reduced and that time can be used for other work. For the user's benefit, we can see that they do not have to travel to the health center and do not need to get visits from many different stakeholders in their homes, says Anna-Lena Svalkvist.

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