Society of Association of Local Authorities in Norrbotten

Project partner

The Association of Local Authorities of Norrbotten is an umbrella organisation for the 14 municipalities in the county of Norrbotten, which are all members.

The organisation’s role is to support and guide the members on important issues such as eldercare and the school system, but has no powers of decision over them. Eldercare is an important area for support and the support of vulnerable elderly people in remote areas has special attention in this work, since 10 out of 14 municipalities are small and remote.

One role in the project is to be an implementing partner, responsible for implementing the RemoAge service package in four different remote geographical areas in close collaboration with the local municipality and the local health centre run by the County Council of Norrbotten. Another role is to be a facilitator to disseminate the results of the project to the region.


Name:  Marja-Leena Komulainen
Title: Coordinator of eHealth


Photo/Copyright © Kjell-Åke Hallden

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