RemoAge partner meeting on Shetland Islands

On the 9th-11th of May 2017, all the partners in the RemoAge project met on the Shetland Islands to talk about Ethical Evaluation, Transnational Learning and Data Collection, but also to have workshops and a public exhibition.

– We have had a really exciting time, sharing some good ideas with people. We are hoping that people have found the tour we had on the north island here in Shetland interesting, informative and entertaining. We would like to thank everyone for coming and hope that they come back and see us again in Shetland some day, says Alan Murdoch, National Health Service Shetland.

Watch videos from the RemoAge partners work from Shetland
Data collection
In the work of implementing new technologies the RemoAge project needs to get evidence of what works and what does not work. During the partner meeting in Shetland data was collected about the outcome for frail older people and their families.
Listen to Louise McCabe, Evaluation and Transnational Learning Team here
Transnational learning
Transnational learning is important within the RemoAge project because the partners are concerned with the practical details of the implementation of different services. To have an exchange of ideas on a practical level is very helpful.
Listen to Alison Dawson, Evaluation and Transnational Learning Team, and Clint Sentence, Telecare/Telehealth Project manager at Shetland Island Council here
Ethical issues
Many ethical issues arise when new technologies are introduced. New ways of working and new concepts result in issues around safety security and organizational changes.
Listen to Stefan Sävenstedt, Team for Ethical Issues and Graham Stiles, Team Leader at the Shetland Islands Council here
Radio interviews
Listen into BBC radios report from the RemoAge Exhibition in Shetland (starts at 17 minutes) here




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