Norwegian municipality joins RemoAge

This winter the municipality of Balsfjord, Norway, will establish a Patient Centered Healthcare Team and join the RemoAge project.

The multi-disciplinary Patient Centered Healthcare Teams, PACT, in Tromsø and Harstad aims to strengthen health care services for frail and multi-morbid elderly. PACT is a collaboration between the hospital and municipalities and follows up patients with chronic and complex conditions that are discharged from the hospital.

The municipality of Balsfjord is now working to establish a third Patient Centered Healthcare Team. Balsfjord has 5,500 inhabitants and neighbours on Tromsø. Balsfjord PACT has procured tablets using own funding and will join the RemoAge project this winter. The RemoAge project group at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will provide training, technical support and project management. Balsfjord PACT will collaborate closely with Tromsø PACT, which has experience with employing the iPad service for almost a year. However, we expect the Balsfjord PACT to develop the service further to meet local needs for communication, interaction and sharing of information.
RemoAge and PACT
The Patient Centered Healthcare Teams use tablets and videoconference as a communication tool with the aim of improving the flow of information and interaction within the team, with external healthcare professionals and patients.

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