Implement technology within the community - Shetland

After the first year in the RemoAge project, Shetland has progressed from planning to implementation and the trial stage. The focus is to look at two areas of how technology can be implemented within the community to aid those who are at the greatest risk from social isolation and how this impacts upon their Health, Care and Social needs.

– We have two work streams planned, both using IPads as a platform for technology and both linking in to one another, says Clint Sentance, project member, Shetland Islands Council.

One work steam, WS1, is to look purely at applications where an IPad platform can provide a direct link for service delivery in Social Care applications. This model can then be used for much wider service delivery and remote access to services.

The other work steam, WS2, is to work alongside a voluntary care partnership in providing accessibility and support for those identifying as Frail Elderly and their carers. To provide pure Social applications and boost community resilience through Social contact and Technology, and encourage beneficial contact where communities and families may be dispersed through either geography or disability.

Progress has been made in identifying a Core Care partnership team from Isleshavn Care Services (Isle of Yell and Fetlar), and Nordealea Care Services (Isle of Unst), who will work as a project team in identifying, supporting, reviewing and providing the accessed service for WS1.

Within the next month the priority is to identify and resolve issues around connect ability to the telecoms network for those participants within the program who do not have a current connection.

– Within WS1 we estimate this to be the majority of participants. Within WS2 this potentially could be far more varied, says Clint Sentance.

As the WS’s are similar in the technology they use the location the client base reside within and potential sharing some of the core client base, where as WS2 clients can share there knowledge with WS1 clients and in the future may become a user evolving from social use in to service use. Therefore creating a consistent evolution and support mechanism within the community its self.

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